What in the World are We Doing?

Here at Redeemer ICC we are trying to make an impact not only in Korea but in the world.  To do that we are seeking to partner with others who share a similar mission and vision.  

CBI Ministries: CBI has a heart to bring the gospel to the nation of Japan.  Over the next year we will be working with CBI to iron out what a partnership between Redeemer ICC and CBI will look like moving forward.  Our desire as a church is to aid in the planting of churches and the spread of the gospel throughout Japan.  

Website: http://cbijapan.org/jointheteam/

Remember Nhu: Remember Nhu is an organization that's committed to eradicating the use of children in the sex slave trade.  Human trafficking and the sex slave industry unfortunately are a growing problem especially in our part of the world.  As a church we want to do all that we can to work to stop this evil and to expose these children to the love and acceptance of Christ found in the gospel.

Website: http://www.remembernhu.org