Busan Campus


Address in Korean: 

Old Style: 수영구 민락동 110-54

New Style: Better for GPS / Navigation Systems: 수영구 광안해변로 370번길 9-32 

Directions to Redeemer ICC: 

You can walk if you want to but it’s quite far. It’s a nice scenic walk along the water but if you want to get to church more quickly, take a bus.


Bus From Millak Station:

Bus 210. Go out exit 1, do a u-turn and walk behind subway exit. The bus stop is behind it. 

Newer Directions Pic

Take bus 210 for about 9 minutes. Get off at Lotte Castel Giant Apartment.

New Directions 2

Cross the road, turn right, and walk towards the corner. Redeemer is one block down on the 3rd floor of the Sky Building. The outside says “MEGAFREE” and the building is next to Angel-in-Us Coffee Shop. The first floor has a Blueberry Convenience Store.

New Directions 3

Here is a close up map of Millak where Redeemer ICC is located. The little camera is where the church is located. 

New Millak map

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