10/16 Group Time Guide

October 16, 2016

by Justin Hartzell

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Life Groups

In Sunday’s sermon, we talked about questioning the sovereignty of God. The two objections that Paul addressed were presented in the form of questions that were designed to unravel and understand what God is doing. We all have questions for God at times. But the real question is, ‘Do all of our questions deserve an answer?’

We just left Genesis and one of the main points of that series was how those first three chapters set the stage for the whole biblical narrative. Let’s look back there and see the root of objections that Paul’s addressing here.

Read Genesis 3:1-7 again. What did Satan promise Eve as the reward of her rebellion?

How does this promised end influence us in questioning God? How have you seen this in your own heart?

Then can any questions be asked at all? Take a look at Zechariah (Luke 1:18–20) and Mary (Luke 1:34–35). What are the differences in their questions to God? What are the differences in God’s responses?

Therefore, what should we do with unanswered questions?

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