11/06 Group Time Guide

November 6, 2016

by Justin Hartzell

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Our Response Ability and Responsibility with the Gospel
Group Time Guide (Romans 10:14-21)

Matthew mentioned 4 responsibilities that we have with the gospel according to our text from Sunday (underlined). Let's review and apply them together.

Submit to the gospel: Along with salvation must come your submission to Christ. You cannot truly believe and not approach God in humility and submission.
Has there been any command or warning from God's word that you've struggled to or even didn't want to obey? How did God correct, encourage, empower, or rescue you in that area?
Is there such a struggle or rebellion in your heart right now? How can that change this week?

Study the gospel: Like Israel, we have no excuse. We will be held accountable with what he has given us and instructed us in his word. We need to know God’s word.
Have there been part(s) of God’s Word do you didn't understand or even avoided studying? Why? How did God correct, encourage, empower, or rescue you in that area? How has that portion of Scripture been helpful to you since? Is there such a part right now? How can that change this week?

Send preachers of the gospel: God's plan for sending the gospel to the ends of the world include revealing Himself to people in conjunction to the preaching of the word. We are responsible for sending believers to the ends of the earth that God may receive the glory he deserves. How can you invest your time, energy, finances, etc. into brothers and sisters in Christ, to help them obey Christ's command to proclaim the gospel wherever He is leading them?

Share the gospel: We are not only to send others, but we go as those who have been sent too. It doesn’t mean we all need to stand in a pulpit and preach, but it does mean we all need to be sharing his good news with those who are near us.
What role does God's sovereignty play in your thoughts about and approach to sharing the gospel? What has God's word told us over the last several weeks?
How can you obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) this week? Is there someone God has given you a burden for?

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